YOUR Trusty Sand Wedge!

Choose YOUR Trusty Sand Wedge Wisely:

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YOUR Trusty Sand Wedge

Let’s talk today about the choice for YOUR Trusty Sand Wedge!  However, before we start – enjoy this link about the History Of The Sand Wedge.

Rory McIlroy had a pretty good weekend at the Tour Championship!  I think it is instructive to look at his iron set makeup.  He plays Taylormade P730 irons – 6 iron loft 31 degrees and pitching wedge loft 47 degrees.  And his wedge lofts are 52, 56, and 60 degrees.  Pretty good gapping across his set of irons and wedges.

So he carries a 56 degree wedge – which I am pretty sure is his club of choice for most of his sand shots.  As I do weekly searches of “What’s In The Bag” for Tour winners, the majority of their wedge club setups have two characteristics:

  • The wedge loft gapping is almost always no more than 6 degrees between wedges, and most often 4 to 5 degrees.
  • Most play with a 56 degree wedge – which again I assume is a normal sand wedge for them.

Many OEM iron sets these days are sold with 26, 25, and even 24 loft 6 irons – compared to the 30 degree lofts the tour pros play.  If you play with stronger lofted clubs, you have to “pay the piper somewhere.”  And most often this is in loft gapping between your irons, and the loft choices you have for your wedges.  I have seen some sets of irons that will have 54 degree loft “sand wedges” because the gap wedge lofts are 48 or even 47 degrees.  

So what’s an informed golfer to do? – one who wants to have a great short game and particularly a great sand game?

  • First, know the lofts of ALL of your irons – not just the 6 iron or 7 iron you might be tested with.
  • MAKE SURE that the club you are using as your Sand Wedge is designed to help you create great results.  One that has enough loft to get the ball in the air, and the right type of bounce to allow it to perform well in the sand.  Most often – a 56 degree sand wedge.
  • This may mean – yes – that the loft gapping in your wedges is not optimum. But playing with a sand wedge that is right for your game has to be a priority – for you to score well.

MY Sand Wedge? – the 56 degree Miura K-Grind 2.0 wedge shown in the picture above – it is an AWESOME weapon in the sand!






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