134 – Mach 3 Speed Training! – Mike Romatowski

Learn About Mach 3 Speed Training

Average Swing Speed Increase – 11.5 mph!!

Mach 3 Speed Training

Welcome to Episode 134 of THE Golf Improvement Podcast!  Dedicated to sharing useful information on true custom club fitting, short game improvement, and effective practice techniques.  I Create EXCEPTIONAL GOLF CLUBS – You SHOOT LOWER SCORES!

Show Notes:

Interview with Mike Romatowski – creator of the Mach 3 Speed Training System.  Mike lives in San Antonio, Texas.

  • Mike shares His Story – how he decided to get into the field of personal training and golf fitness.
  • He talks about what lead him to develop the Mach 3 Speed Training System for golfers.
  • Mike discusses some of the basic principles that can help all golfers create more speed in their golf swings – some information you may be surprised about!
  • He tells us what a typical Mach 3 training session “looks like” – some of the main things that happen in these sessions.  NOTETathata Golf was mentioned in this section of the podcast.
  • Mike notes some of the different Speed Training Tools that are used in the Mach 3 training.
  • He tells the “real story” about his connection with Joe LaCaze and the Rotex Motion training tools and process.
  • Mike lets us in on some of his favorite Mach 3 Success Stories – with golfers of all ages and abilities.
  • Finally – Make shares some Final Words for golfers who want to learn to Swing Faster!!


Useful Web Links:

Learn More about Mike Romatowski and Mach 3CLICK HERE!!

Read “More About Mach 3”CLICK HERE!!

Shout Out!  

The golfer’s and custom club fitter’s best friend – Tom Wishon from Wishon Golf Technology – now operated by Diamond Golf International. THANK YOU TOM for all of the amazing things you have done and continue to do to promote true custom club fitting!!






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