011 – The Golf Improvement Podcast – Tom Wishon Interview – Adjustable Hosel Drivers

Tom Wishon provides golfers “need to know” information on Adjustable Hosel Drivers.

wishonlogo1Welcome to Episode 11 of The Golf Improvement Podcast.  The podcast dedicated to bringing you useful information on custom club fitting, short game improvement, and effective practice techniques to Take YOUR Game To New Heights!

Show Notes:

Coming Soon – The Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals (AGCP) 9th Roundtable

Interview with Tom Wishon, Wishon Golf Technology – Durango, Colorado

   Tom’s background on Adjustable Hosel Driver Technology

   What golfers need to know about Adjustable Hosel Drivers

   Why do so many OEM drivers have open face angles?

   What golfers need to know about fitting with Adjustable Hosel Drivers

Thanks for another great podcast interview Tom!

Useful Web Links:

  Tom Wishon Golf Technology Web Site

  Tom Wishon YouTube Video on Adjustable Hosel Drivers

Taking YOUR Game To New Heights!


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