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OK, I confess – I have read about and blogged about the value of using Variable Practice Techniques to improve my short game.  But I have not drunk enough of my own "Kool Aid."  Until this past Friday.

All of the modern day research and results makes it clear that – if you really want to improve your golf game – one of the best ways is to not hit the same shot over and over – but to practice different shots of different types. 

So I committed myself to practicing what I have been preaching.  For about 45 minutes before I played this past Friday, I used the following short-game practice approach:

  • I practiced with my 50, 54, and 58 degree Edel wedges (I love these wedges!);
  • I dropped 10 balls at different locations from the practice green.  I hit 10 shots with my 50 degree wedge – varying type of shot – low runner and higher pitch – and hit each shot to a different target on the green.  I never hit the same shot twice in a row;
  • I took a 5 minute break;
  • Then I did the same with my 54 degree wedge (different targets, different types of shots).  Then a 5 minute break;
  • Then the same with my 58 degree wedge (different targets, different types of shots).  Then one final 5 minute break;
  • Finally, I hit 10 shots out of the bunker with my 58 degree wedge.  Every shot different in terms of distance and target.

​I had two major – at least for me – experiences from this type of practice:

  • First this was WAY MORE FUN TO DO than what I typically do which is to hit most shots to the same targets from the same locations.  More engaging and interesting;
  • Second – particularly for the bunker shots – I had a sense that this practice approach helped me to develop more FEEL creating different types of shots.  Usually I hit almost all bunker shots about the same distance.  Does this really happen on the golf course – of course not!  

​I can see that continuing this practice approach is going to help me become more comfortable with all types of short game shots.  More confidence – better results – lower scores.

How about YOU?  Can you apply this to your practice sessions?  Can you suggest an even better practice approach?  Please comment.

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