077 – Golf Shaft Knowledge! – Russ Ryden Interview

Unlocking Golf Shaft Performance

Through Golf Shaft Knowledge!

Golf Shaft Knowledge

Welcome to Episode 77 of The Golf Improvement Podcast!  Dedicated to bringing you useful information on custom club fitting, short game improvement, and effective practice techniques to Take YOUR Game To New Heights!

Show Notes:

Interview with Russ RydenFit2Score Golf and Golf Shaft Reviews.

  • Russ talks about how he got interested in custom club fitting, and when he first realized he needed to measure the material properties of golf shafts.
  • He tells us about the typical misconceptions that golfers have about golf shafts.
  • Russ discusses some of the most important shaft properties that need to be measured, and why these are important to golf performance.
  • He reviews the metrics that he looks at to determine the overall quality of golf shafts – and why shaft quality is important to custom fitters and golfers.
  • Russ tells us his biggest "Ah Ha!" moment he had in the process of expanding his knowledge base about golf shafts.
  • He discusses three different "classes" of golf shafts that he sees in his meaurements, and how these relate to custom fitting of drivers.
  • Russ tells us his favorite driver fitting success story.
  • He gives an overview of the information that is in his Golf Shaft Reviews web site (more than 1,000,000 site views!).
  • Finally, Russ gives us all some Final Words about things that golfers can do to find True Custom Club Fitters in their area.

      Whew what an interview – Thanks Russ!

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