084 – Sterling Single Length Irons – Update With Jaacob Bowden!

Some Great New Development About The

Sterling Single Length Irons!

Sterling Single Length IronsWelcome to Episode 84 of The Golf Improvement Podcast!  Dedicated to bringing you useful information on Custom Club Fitting, Short Game Improvement, and Effective Practice Techniques to Take YOUR Game To New Heights!

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Show Notes:

Interview with Jaacob Bowden – Co-Creator (with Tom Wishon) of the Sterling Single Length Irons.

  • Jaacob talks about some of the most interesting things that have happened in the last year related to the introduction of the Sterling Single Length Irons.
  • The Sterling Lob Wedge was recently introduced – Jaacob talks about how the design of this lob wedge came about.
  • The second recent new Sterling product is the Sterling 4 iron – most often used by strong players who can launch the golf ball easily.  He discusses design efforts that lead to the release of the 4 iron.
  • Finally – Sterling left handed single length irons are now available.  Jaacob talks about how glad he is that there was enough demand for these to be created.
  • Jaacob talks about some interesting suggestions for how golfers can practice to effectively adapt to using single length irons.
  • In closing – he shares a few Final Words for golfers who want to start playing effectively with Single Length Irons.

Thanks Jaacob for this great update!

Useful Web Links:

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