094 – 12th AGCP Roundtable Highlights! – John Schiavone Interview

12th AGCP Roundtable Highlights:

Knowledge YOU Can Use!

12th AGCP Roundtable

Welcome to Episode 94 of The Golf Improvement Podcast!  Dedicated to bringing you useful information on custom club fitting, short game improvement, and effective practice techniques.  Bringing You The Custom Club Fitting Experience Of Your Life – And Lower Scores ALWAYS!

Show Notes:

Interview with John SchiavoneRocket Science Golf in Staten Island, NY – AGCP Level 10 Custom Clubfitter.

  • John tells us a little about His Story – how he first became interested in custom club fitting, and how he became a member of the Association of Golf Club Fitting Professionals (AGCP).
  • He shares information from one of his past favorite Roundtable presentations – about the implications in the book “Every Shot Counts” by Mark Broadie.
  • John discusses two of the most interesting training sessions from the 12th Roundtable – related to custom putter fitting, and related to how to measure driver lofts, face angles, and lie angles.
  • Finally John shares some final words for custom club fitters, on the value of attending the AGCP Roundtable events for custom fitters AND for golfers!

Thanks John for filling us in on the great information learned at the 12th AGCP Roundtable!

Useful Links:

To contact John Schiavone at Rocket Science Golf in Staten Island, NY,

Email him at rocketsciencegolf@verizon.net

To find an AGCP True Custom Club Fitter in your area – Click HERE!

Bringing You The Custom Club Fitting Experience

Of Your Life – And Lower Scores ALWAYS!


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