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Adopt Task Oriented Golf Training To

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Task Oriented Golf Training Welcome to Episode 96 of The Golf Improvement Podcast! Dedicated to sharing useful information on Custom Club Fitting, Short Game Improvement, and Effective Practice Techniques.  Bringing YOU The Custom Club Fitting Experience Of Your Life – And Lower Scores ALWAYS!

Show Notes:

Annual Christmas Podcast Interview with Mike McFadden – 30+ year PGA Golf Professional, Custom Club Fitter, and Sports Director at the Jakobsberg Hotel and Golf Resort in Jakobsberg, Germany.

  • Mike shares some of the greatest influences on his thinking about golf improvement from the last year (a surprise!).
  • He and I talk about Self Concepts, Self Learning, and Self Discovery and their importance to golf improvement.
  • Mike shares some of the many (hundreds!) Practice Tasks that he uses with golfers to help them improve their golf games.
  • He talks about some of most valuable Practice Tasks all golfers can work to accomplish in their indoor winter practice.
  • He talks about the importance of Learning To Swing Faster to Hit the Golf Ball Farther – and some of the most important things golfers can do to accomplish this.
  • Finally, Mike again shares the importance of this wonderful word – FUN – and its importance to help all golfers to Play Their Best Golf!

Thanks again for sharing Mike!

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Remember This Concept To Improve Your Golf Practice!


Learning Is The Repeated Attempt To Solve A Task

NOT The Repetition Of The Solution For A Specific Task.”


Bringing YOU The Custom Club Fitting Experience

Of Your Life – And Lower Scores ALWAYS!


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