108 – AimPoint Green Reading PLUS! – Mark Sweeney and Jamie Donaldson Interview

Mark and Jamie Share Insights On

On AimPoint Green Reading And MORE!!

AimPoint Green Reading

Welcome to Episode 108 of THE GOLF IMPROVEMENT PODCAST!  Dedicated to sharing useful information on true custom club fitting, short game improvement, and effective practice techniques.  Bringing YOU The Custom Club Fitting Experience Of Your Life – AND Lower Scores ALWAYS!

Show Notes:

Interview with Mark Sweeney – founder and developer of AimPoint Golf, and Jamie DonaldsonEurope’s Senior AimPoint Green Reading Instructor.

  • Mark and Jamie talk about how they first met and started their partnership.
  • They each share their thoughts about the most important benefits of AimPoint Green Reading – and also things that need to happen for more golfers to understand why AimPoint is so valuable to putting improvement.
  • In 2016 an AimPoint Speed Reading Class began to be offered.  Mark and Jamie talk about why and how this class was started, and the importance of practicing and learning the skill of speed control.
  • Recently I learned about an AimPoint Green Mapping Software Effort.  Well, as Mark and Jamie discuss this is not new – and how this is going to help tour pros and other golfers improve their putting performance.
  • They share some of their most recent putting improvement success stories – and there are many!
  • Finally – Mark and Jamie share some Final Words for golfers who want to take their putting performance to the next level, and have more fun on the greens!

So many great insights Mark and Jamie – THANKS!!

Useful Web Links:

To the AimPoint Golf web site – CLICK HERE!

To Jamie Donaldson –  CLICK HERE!

To find an AimPoint InstructorCLICK HERE!

To purchase the AimPoint Speed StripsCLICK HERE!


Bringing YOU The Custom Club Fitting Experience

Of Your Life – AND Lower Scores ALWAYS!



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