109 – The Truth About Putting Tempo – David Orr Interview

Learn The Truth About Putting Tempo

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The Truth About Putting Tempo Welcome to Episode 109 of The Golf Improvement Podcast!  Dedicated to sharing useful information on true custom club fitting, short game improvement, and effective practice techniques.  Bringing YOU The Custom Club Fitting Experience Of Your Life – AND Lower Scores ALWAYS!

Show Notes!

Interview with David Orr – world renowned putting instructor and creator of The Flatstick Academy – now at Pine Needles in Southern Pines, NC.

  • David shares definitions of Tempo vs. Rhythm, and why understanding the true definitions of these terms is important to putting improvement.
  • He discusses the fact that different devices and technologies measure Putting Tempo differently – and why that knowledge is important.
  • David shares data he and others have collected on measured Putting Tempos for different golfers and putting test distances.
  • He notes that Putting Tempos can vary from golfer to golfer – and shares his belief that there is a relationship between Different Putting Techniques and Different Putting Tempos.
  • Finally – David shares some of his knowledge and experience with Different Putter Designs and how they can influence Putting Tempo.

Thanks David for sharing your knowledge about The Truth About Putting Tempo!

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Bringing YOU The Custom Club Fitting Experience

Of Your Life – AND Lower Scores ALWAYS!



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