Bending Forged And Cast Irons – Know The Truth!!

Bending Forged And Cast Irons:

Old Myths Die Hard!

Bending Forged and Cast Irons

I am reshafting a 5 iron – quality forged heads – that I built for a good player about 5 years ago.  I needed to adjust the loft of the iron to get it back to spec.  Usually this is a 10 minute job at most – not today!  45 minutes later I was finally able to get the adjustment correct.  And THEN I remembered – this particular “forged” head is very difficult to bend.  That was a LOT of work!

The old myth about forged and cast iron heads is that forged heads are easy to bend, cast heads are not.  Well, here is a little update in the modern world that you might want to remember in the future…

  • First CLICK HERE for a little tutorial on how Forged and Cast Iron heads are made.
  • Most forged iron heads that I have worked with are easy to bend about 2 degrees each for loft and lie.  But NOT ALL – and this is a function of the metal material used in the forging process.
  • There are – maybe a bit of a surprise – some cast iron heads that are VERY easy to bend, and some of them can be bent up to 4 degrees for loft and lie adjustments.  Again – material dependent.
  • Finally, there are unfortunately quite a number of OEM iron heads that are difficult if not impossible to bend.  I believe most if not all of these are cast heads.  

So what is a golfer to do if they want their iron lofts and lies adjusted?  Well you know part of the answer – find a custom fitter / club builder who either knows if the clubs can be adjusted, or who can find out what the truth is.  And even if the expert club builder cannot adjust the clubs – most times, you can send them back to the manufacturer to get the club specs to what you need.

And To Learn More – listen to my podcast interview next Monday with Jeff Sheets about this topic!!

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