111 – MORE Golf Shaft Knowledge! – Russ Ryden Interview

MORE Golf Shaft Knowledge

To Help YOU Shoot Lower Scores!

Golf Shaft Knowledge

Welcome to EPISODE 111 of THE Golf Improvement Podcast!  Dedicated to sharing useful information on true custom club fitting, short game improvement, and effective practice techniques.  Bringing YOU The Custom Club Fitting Experience Of Your Life – And Lower Scores ALWAYS!

Show Notes:

Welcome back Russ RydenFit2Score Golf (Dallas-Fort Worth, TX)

AND Golf Shaft Reviews.

  • Russ shares some new knowledge about driver shafts, and also some of his thoughts about the trend to create expensive driver shafts, in the range of $500 or more.
  • There was a quote in Golf Shaft Reviews from Ralph Mann, UST – “…the order of importance in a golf shaft design is tip, mid, torque, and butt.”  Russ shares his thoughts on this statement and its importance for understanding golf shaft performance.
  • There is a technical article in Golf Shaft Reviews titled “Parallel Iron Shafts vs Constant Weight Shafts.”  He shares some takeaways from this article, both for golfers and true custom club fitters.
  • Russ discusses some of the most prevalent iron shaft designs, based on his EI shaft measurements, and how different shaft designs can benefit different types of golfers.
  • He talks about his beliefs that true custom club fitters should Fit For Cause instead of Fitting For Effect (LISTEN CLOSELY TO THIS PART!).
  • Finally, Russ shares some Final Words for golfers and true custom club fitters to help golfers get the most benefit from custom club fitting sessions.

   GREAT Golf Shaft and Custom Fitting Knowledge Russ – THANKS!

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Bringing YOU The Custom Club Fitting Experience

Of Your Life – AND Lower Scores ALWAYS!



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