114 – Master Custom Club Fitters! – Mark Vallier Interview

Master Custom Club Fitters:

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Master Custom Club Fitters

Welcome to Episode 114 of THE Golf Improvement Podcast!  Dedicated to sharing useful information on true custom club fitting, short game improvement, and effective practice techniques.  I Create Exceptional Golf ClubsYOU Shoot Lower Scores!

Show Notes:

Interview with Mark Vallier – CEO, Master Fitter, and Master Builder with MK Golf Technologies in San Antonio, Texas.

  • Mark shares His Story – how he got started in the custom club fitting business, and how he and Kirk James started their partnership.
  • He talks about how – over the past few years – the custom fitting business at MK Golf Technologies has grown substantially.  He also talks about some of the most important mentors who have helped this growth.
  • Mark shares his thoughts on some of the biggest hurdles golfers have in terms of understanding how true custom club fitting can help them play their best golf.
  • MK Golf has a dedicated club builder – Jamie Watson.  Mark shares how the partnership with Jamie came about – and also talks about the importance of custom club building in true custom club fitting.
  • He shares his views on some of the most satisfying types of custom fittings that they do at MK Golf, and some success stories he has enjoyed the most.
  • Finally – Mark provides some Final Words for golfers to help them play their best – and to custom fitters to help them do their best work to help golfers.

Great Information Mark, Thanks For Sharing!

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