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For a once-a-week 69-year old golfer, it has been fun to be playing some of my best-ever golf over the last 2 months.  My handicap is now 8, the lowest it has been in years.  I attribute this partly to playing with the best set of clubs I have ever had (you know who created them!) and also with “dabbling” with the concepts I have been exposed to on social media from Scott Fawcett’s DECADE Strategy and Statistics System. Some of the things I have done over the past few months to improve my scoring include…

  • Choosing targets to the center of greens on almost every shot.
  • Committing more and more to each individual shot.

I have found that the more I do these two things when I play, the more easily it is to play well and score well.  And when I do NOT do these two things, playing well and scoring well is not likely.

Well I want to take my course management skills (and scoring) to the next level!  So today I did two things….

  • First, I subscribed to Scott’s DECADE Basic system and I will start using this to better plan my targets and scoring approaches.
  • Second, in one of Scott’s tutorial videos, he suggests reading and learning from some books written by Michael Lardon.  So I just purchased Finding Your Zone and am looking forward to reading it and learning from it.

You will hear more about what I learn from using DECADE on future blogs and podcasts and in my monthly newsletter.  Read THIS ARTICLE to learn a little more about DECADE – and listen to this recent Cordie Walker – Scott Fawcett podcast. DECADE seems to be working very well for Bryson DeChambeau and many others – take a good look at it for your game!

    (ah yes – no podcast today – BACK NEXT MONDAY!!)





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