A Putting Epidemic?

A Putting Myth – A Putting Epidemic?

Creating Great Putting Speed Control!

A Putting Epidemic

John Dunigan in his new putting book “Hole It!” talks about what he calls “an epidemic in golf.” That myth is “Make a short backstroke and accelerate through impact.”  Until recently I was not convinced that this is an epidemic – but now I am not so sure.

I recently started working with members of the Roane State Community College golf team on evaluating their Speed, Read, and Line putting skills.  About 2 weeks ago we did some testing on the Centennial putting green.  Right next to this green is the green for the 9th hole.  So I watched about a dozen groups of golfers come through and putt on that green – and 70% to 80% of the golfers used short backstrokes with accelerating forward strokes.  

Why is this a myth? Well, with a short backstroke a golfer has no alternative but to try to control speed by accelerating through the ball.  And this is a difficult if not impossible way to control speed.

Is this a disease that you are afflicted with?  If you have speed control issues in your putting, it is possible.  Here are some starting things to consider to help you…

  • First watch the Tour Pros – and see what they do when they stroke putts, particularly in the 20 to 40 foot length range – you will see that all or most all of them have symmetry in their back and forward strokes.
  • Second, watch this short video from my friend Preston Combs – “The Accelerating Putter” – to see more details on accelerating and symmetrical strokes.  Which one looks better for you?
  • Third – what do YOU do?  For long putts, have someone take a video of your stroke, and/or feel the relative backstroke and forward stroke lengths.
  • Fourth, if “short and accelerate” is your putting concept for creating speed – DUMP IT!  Find a putting coach near you who can help – think Stroke Symmetry!!

Knowledge Of The Truth Is The First Step To Improvement!






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