12 Dynamite Golf Improvement Books!

My Favorite Golf Improvement Books

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Well, for my loyal blog readers – here is Surprise #1 that I talked about a few weeks ago.  I spent about four hours creating a group of links to My Favorite Golf Improvement Books.  There is a neat piece of software that I used to do this – MyBookTable.  I had to get a few kinks worked out, but this list is now available for viewing.  Here are links to my favorite Golf Improvement Books, in three categories:

These are all books that I have personally read and love.  If you are looking to learn useful knowledge in these areas, I hope you take the time to consider these books.

Just to be sure you know – if you buy one of these books by clicking a purchase link, I get a small Affiliate payment from your purchase.  

So that is Surprise #1.  Surprise #2 (blockbuster!) is coming in a month or so – and you will get a sneak preview of it before it happens.  Stay tuned!

How About You? – any additional books you think I need to add to this list? – please comment below.

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