2 Grams = 10 Yards!

You Don't Know Until You Test!

DPH Surprise 060115Surprises are wonderful – and by their nature not necessarily expected.  A golfing friend recently purchased a set of Mizuno JPX 850 irons from me (True Temper XP 115 R flex taper tip shafts) and the performance testing we did indoors showed good performance results.  But – before doing the final build of any iron set – I always build one or two test clubs and have the golfer hit shots outside on the range, to confirm performance where he can see actual ball flight.

I am a big believer in building golf clubs to MOI (Moment of Inertia) rather than Swingweight Matching – in 2009 I wrote a post discussing the difference and the value of MOI Matching.  For this golfer I built two test clubs – a 6 iron and a 9 iron – to the MOI specs from the club fitting.

So – we went on the range and he hit some shots and the results looked good.  But during these types of final tests, I always like to add some weight (with lead tape) to the test clubs and "see what happens."  Well – first 9 iron shot with 2 more grams – OBVIOUS 10 yards more carry distance!  I watched him hit some more longer shots with the added weight.  Then we went back to the 6 iron and added more weight – same results – about 10 more yards carry distance.  

Now – I cannot tell you exactly why this happened for this golfer.  For sure the golf clubs became – with just a small amount of added weight – a better fit for him (improved feel and performance).  But I DO know that we would never have found the correct final "best fit" without this final testing step.  As good as it gets!

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