Be Generous To YOUR Golf Game!

Be Generous To YOUR Golf Game …


Be Generous To YOUR Golf Game

Every morning I do a guided Headspace meditation for 10 minutes – and the topic for the present sessions has been Generosity.  To others – but I think also to myself.

For the last month, I have been preparing to start to play golf again (after my May 13 prostate removal surgery).  This has included efforts to get my driver swing speed back – before surgery it was about 95 mph, a month ago it was 78 mph (ouch!), and yesterday it was 85 mph (little by little!!).  I also do daily stretching exercises, practice to improve my short game technique, and a lot of inquisitive putting practice (more on that later).  

I view all of this practice as a way of being generous to myself – because I see the possibilities of scoring as well or better than I did before the surgery.

All of you I bet can find your own personal ways to be generous to YOUR golf games. But one of the BEST ways we can all do this is to play the tees that fit our games – Tee It Forward!  My friend and deep thinker Dave Tutelman two days ago sent me a web site article he just wrote aboutbeing more generous to his golf game.  Here is the link…

Dave Tutelman “Tee It Forward” Article

A few things that struck me in reading this article – one that may surprise you!!

  • A simple formula – Your Tee It Forward Course Distance = 36 Times Your 5 Iron CARRY Distance – is an easy way for you to estimate the golf course link that will work well for your game.  For me – I expect my 5 iron carry distance is about 165 yards – course length about 5,900 yards – about what I normally play.
  • I loved reading about the joy that Dave writes about because he plays courses that are suited for his golf game!
  • But what about the Average Lady Golfer?  Well, most golf courses that I know of are not really set up to suit their games.  Ladies who hit their 5 irons about 100 yards – using the Tee It Forward Formula – should be playing course lengths of about 3,600 yards.  Most courses I know of do not have total yardages less than 5,000 yards.  What an opportunity to Grow Golf For Women – have course set ups of say 3,500, 4,000, and 4,500 yards – Just One Golfer’s Opinion!!

So Golfers – Be Generous to yourselves – find ways to keep optimizing your golfing potential.  If you really like the challenge of playing courses a lot longer Tee It Forward distances – go for it.  But those of you looking for a great way to keep enhancing your love for golf and to shoot lower scores – Tee It Forward!!






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