Self Compassion And Acceptance – A Golf Superpower!

Learn To Access A Golf Superpower!

Self Compassion And Acceptance

A Golf Superpower

You are on the 12th hole and playing and scoring great.  You have high levels of expectation for your final score.  You have a 2-1/2 foot putt for birdie – and you miss it.  BANG – EVERYTHING CHANGES.  You Dummy.  And there goes your great round up in smoke.

My friend, Dr. Noa Kageyama – The Bulletproof Musician – wrote one of his best ever posts this week, a must read.  Here is the link to the post…

Self Compassion – Mental Toughness – Overcoming Setbacks

All I can say is, if you are looking to play better and more enjoyable golf – read this post and the links.  There is information in it for golfers, for coaches, for parents.

Here are a few things you can do on the golf course to apply the principles discussed in Noa’s post…

  • Perhaps start where the golf drama is the highest – on the putting green. Experiment with Accepting Every Putting Result No Matter What It Is.  Then after you putt, rate your degree of acceptance on a 1 to 10 scale – 1 is very low acceptance, 10 is very high acceptance.
  • If you start seeing value to your game in Accepting Putting Results – take it to your Entire Game.  Have an objective of Accepting Every Result.  And then after the shot Rate The Shot.

Compare how you play without Self Compassion to how you play when you Accept All Or Many Of Your Results.  You might like the change!!


If you did not read my June 2019 Newsletter (published June 15) – here is The Link.  It includes some great Trackman University videos, a Brad Faxon putting drill worth using in your practice, and some discussion on “Variability and Compensations” in your golf game.


And finally it is Good To Be Back!  My prostate removal surgery went very well and so has the recovery.  I appreciate the good wishes and prayers from many of you.  Now I am ready to get back to true custom club fitting, putting instruction and coaching, and creating great web site content to help golfers Shoot Lower Scores!






To Be Continued!!

To Be Continued…

The REAL Story Coming Next Wednesday!!

To Be Continued

Well I promised to be back today.  My computer repair was successful (whew!!), we had a GREAT golf trip – BUT some other great things happened that have kept me REALLY busy for the last two days.  Exciting stuff!!  Rather than sharing the details today, I would rather talk about them in my next Podcast.  And I will have some other important things to share in that podcast too.

So Stay Tuned to my next Podcast – Episode 128 – on Wednesday May 8!!






What’s Your RESET!!

Make Your RESET Work For You!



On Monday April 14, my wife Diane and I returned from our bucket-list France River Cruise Trip.  I was excited to get “back at it” – to create a new podcast episode, finish building some clubs, do a new custom fitting.  And then…

  • I knew I had some problems with my iMac computer – the one I use to produce podcasts.  Well – the hard drive was corrupted.  It has been at a repair shop for a week – luckily, I had a great backup of the machine – but still, no new podcast.
  • The combination of pushing to get “back at it” and getting blasted with pollen here in Oak Ridge put me in bed with the worst case of broncitis I have had in years.  3 days of nothing but bed rest.
  • And finally – our annual 6 day golf trip starts tomorrow April 24. So no play, no practice ahead of the trip for about 2 weeks.  Not the best way to build confidence!

I realized that all of this was leading me to a personal RESET – just stepping back and relaxing, accepting where I am – so that I can Come Back Stronger.!  The golf this coming week – it will be what it will be – and who knows, maybe being in a more “not caring” mode will help me produce some great results.  

So my next post will be on Wednesday May 1 – most likely not a podcast, but I will be back!  


ALSO!! – Tuesday April 30 – the day after I return from my golf trip – I look forward to seeing many of you at the Annual Mizuno Demo Day and also this year a Centennial Golf Academy Open House!  Come with lots of your golfing friends from noon to about 7 pm (the Demo Day times are from 2 pm to 6 pm) – and I will give you a personal tour of my Custom Fitting and Putting Instruction Facility at Centennial.  I would love to meet you then!!






How About Some Tiger Training!

How About Some Tiger Training

For Your Iron Set Makeup!

Some Tiger Training

Yesterday my wife Diane and I returned from a “bucket list” trip to France – we did a wonderful Viking Cruise.  But wait – no watching the Masters – ug!!  Well, I was able to learn that I could do text messaging from 30,000 feet for free, and my son David and friend Jack Bagocus filled me in while I was on the plane.  I found it particularly interesting to learn that he aimed left of the pin on #12 – where ALL of the greats aim when they play their best.  Guess he knows what he is doing.

Tiger knows a bit about what he is doing about his iron set makeup too.  Last night, I checked on line to see if the iron set lofts he is playing were posted (he plays TaylorMade irons built specifically for him) – and you can see what these are in the picture below…

You should recall from reading posts here in the past that most PGA Tour players play 6 iron lofts of 30 degrees, and typically 4 degree loft gaps.  Tiger though plays with a set that has a 6 iron loft of 32.5 degrees.  No not typical 30 degree standard lofts, and no not the “juiced” lofts that are sold by many companies in some of their iron sets.  32.5 degree loft 6 iron.  He has played these lofts for many years – and since is his I think the best iron approach shot golfer in the world – he must know something.

Being “fit” – or “pseudo fit” for irons that have strong lofts – 26 degree 6 irons? – might make you feel good about how far you hit your 6 iron – and may give you more 6 iron distance – but also may give you less consistency throughout your set.  Tiger has this figured out, don’t you think – if stronger lofts were better, you can guarantee he would play them!


In case you normally do not receive it, here is the link to my monthly golf improvement newsletter – which came out earlier today…

Game Improvement Golf April 2019 Newsletter






70!! – Thank You Single Length Irons!

Single Length Irons Are NOT A Fad!!

Single Length Irons

Well readers, I have been Double Jealous for about a week.  In a recent AGCP forum blog post, Gene Brosky of Brosky Golf in Nashville, TN dropped this little goodie.  He is 79 years old, and recently shot 70 – and had his 4th hole-in-one in the past 3 years.  I now call him Mr. 70!!  He did all of this (including all of his hole-in-ones) playing with his Wishon Single-Length Irons shafted with Aerotech SteelFiber i 70 A flex shafts.

Gene’s results are not a fluke.  I recently did a fitting with a golfer who was intrigued with the idea of Sterling single-length irons.  He also was fit with Aerotech shafts – in this case Aerotech SteelFiber i 80 A parallel tip shafts.  Here are some of the things he shared with me about the performance of his new irons…

“My goal setting out was easy-to-hit, arthritis-friendly, one-length golf clubs. Tony at Game Improvement Golf accomplished this for me and more.  I love the way the clubs hit, and have no intention of going back to traditional length irons.  More specifically, the shorter 5 and 6 irons were a hoot from the start to hit – no break-in period.  One surprise for me with the Sterling club head – Aerotech SteelFiber shaft combination is extremely straight hitting.  I am not sure if the shaft or club is responsible, but my default shot is a straight ball for the first time in my golfing life!”  

Some may think that these are isolated results, and that single-length irons are a fad.  Well – large changes often start out with skepticism.  One pretty good golfer – Greg Norman – recently said this about “if I had to do it over again” and playing single-length irons.

Single Length Irons are NOT a fad!! If you are intrigued about playing with single-length irons – and are looking for someone who is a true custom club fitter who has a full single-length iron fitting system – well you know who to contact!!






Fairway Wood “WRIGHT” Fitting Magic!

Yep – Fairway Wood “WRIGHT” Fitting Magic!

ACTUALLY – What TRUE Custom Fitters Do…

Fairway Wood "WRIGHT" Fitting Magic

Doctor WRIGHT Is In!  Actually, I hope you enjoy first reading what my friend Dr. Brandon Horvath wrote me about the work I did to help him create – as he said – his 4 wood weapon!


“Tony has helped me over the last several years learn about how important it is to find the optimal weight/feel of golf clubs, and how it is measured through the MOI of the entire club.  That number, which is personal, and thus difficult for anyone but a custom club fitter to help you with, is critical to your clubs feeling like weapons in your hands.

An example was my recent upgrade to a Ping G400 fairway wood.  We measured the club, and it was very light for my feel – even though the swingweight was “correct!”  After consulting with Tony, we decided to get a heavier weight for the head, and the club performance immediately improved!

I recently played in a tournament in San Diego where I hit one on a par 5 into the wind from 236 yards, to about 15 feet!  Again, just this past week, on a difficult driving hole with OB right and water left, I hit the fairway wood off the tee 256 yards down the middle!  

Having a club that feels “right” in your hands is really important to making sure your clubs work for you and not against you – and only your custom club fitter can do that!!”


The start of my efforts with Brandon are as important as the end result.  Brandon wants superior performance from his golf clubs, and he trusts me to create that for him.  Brandon and I know the best total club MOI for his driver that feels best and creates best performance (about 2890).  I find from experience that most often the MOI of a golfer’s best-fit fairway woods will be close to that of his or hers best-fit drivers.

Above Brandon said at the start his 4 wood felt “light” – was it ever!  We found a new screw-in weight for his 4 wood – adding about 14 grams of weight to the club.  The final 4 wood MOI was 2880 – on the money!  And interestingly – the final 4 wood “swingweight” was D-6 – you will not find clubs with that high a swingweight “off the rack.”  The results for Brandon speak for themselves.

Weight Fitting For Fairway Woods Is Hugely Important For EXCEPTIONAL Performance.  Just part of what I – and other true custom club fitters – do!!






Simple Facts About Driver Ball Speed!

Driver Ball Speed Facts

And EXCEPTIONAL Driving Performance!

Driver Ball Speed

DJ, Justin, Brooks, Phil, and many others are bombing their drives.  And I recently saw a Twitter post talking about Ball Speed Wars in terms of comparing the performance of the new OEM driver head options that are available for golfers.

So – since I like to share the truth with those of you here – what is the Truth, and what are the Facts, about Driver Ball Speed?  The truth and the facts are based on some simple information – so read on and find out!

Yes, one of the things that can help golfers to drive the ball longer is Driver Ball Speed.  

  • Ball Speed comes from two main things – Driver Swing Speed – how fast we swing the golf club, and 
  • How well we Transfer Energy to the golf ball to create Driver Ball Speed.  Energy transfer is captured by a term called Smash Factor which is…
  • Smash Factor = Ball Speed divided by Swing Speed.
  • My very smart friend Dave Tutelman wrote an article how to calculate Smash Factor in THIS LINK.  Smash Factor depends on golf ball and golf club mass, golf club loft, distance you miss the sweet spot of the club face, AND…
  • The Coefficient of Restitution – COR – of the club face.  Most of you I think have heard the term COR.  It is basically the “springiness” of the clubface.
  • The USGA and the R/A rule is that the COR of a club face cannot exceed 0.83.  And every driver being built and designed for maximum performance is being built with a COR as close as possible to 0.83.
  • Because the COR of all driver designs is as close to 0.83 as possible, the Maximum Achievable Driver Smash Factor for all new drivers is between about 1.48 and 1.50.  

So here is the punch line related to all of these facts….

For ALL Well-Designed Drivers

The Maximum Achieveable Ball Speed

Is 1.48 to 1.50 Times A Golfer’s Driver Swing Speed 

In 2019 – In 2020 – In 2025 – In 2030 – In All Future Years

Or Unless The USGA Changes The COR Face Rule.

So you are looking to be fit for a new driver with the desire to hit the golf ball farther?  Here are some simple suggestions…

  • If you hit a driver and the emphasis is totally on driver ball speed and you find one that gives you greater ball speed than your present driver – well, you might accept these results and spend your $500 for that driver. OR you might want to be sure your driver ball speed is optimized
  • Testing for ball speed is not enough if you want optimum performance.  A true custom fitter will also look at smash factor, and will be sure to find out if you are making center face driver contact consistently.
  • And yes there is much more to finding an optimum driver for your game – like launch angle, ball spin, face angle and path at impact.
  • Finally, just a thought – There Are No Short Cuts To Exceptional!

Now you know the Truth About Driver Ball Speed – not everyone does, glad you are here to let me share it with you!






Hit It Longer – Make More Putts!

My Personal “Hit It Longer – Make More Putts!”

Shoot My Age Golf Improvement Plan!

Hit It Longer - Make More Putts!

Here in Tennessee the weather has been ABYSMAL!!  But why not look for opportunities in the midst of the ugliness…they are always there. 

I will be 70 years old in August, and believe that – if I do the right things daily and focus on daily improvement – shooting my age is possible.  I shot 74 three times last year, and in at least one of these rounds I lost a few strokes in the last few holes because I chose to feel pressure about creating a great scoring round. My handicap is 7 – the lowest I think it has been in about 10 years.  

A great recent article – from Richie Hunt – helped me get excited about creating a move forward plan to CREATING THE POTENTIAL to shooting my age.  The main point of Richie’s article is what he calls the “Power To Putting Principle”“Essentially the further the golfer hits the ball off the tee, the more likely the average birdie putt will be shorter in length.”  

So how do I see Richie’s “Power To Putting Principle” applying to me – and maybe to you out there who want to Play Great Golf as you are getting a little older….

  • At my level of play, shorter birdie putts would be great – but also just the ability to hit shorter clubs into greens can pay off to the potential for lower scores.
  • My present driver – Wishon 919 11.5 degrees loft, 44-1/4 inches long, Aldila Rogue Elite Blue 65 R shaft, MOI 2850 – is a terrific fit for me.  At my present 88 mph swing speed, my great shots carry about 210 yards and roll out to 230 yards (sometimes longer).  And my shot dispersion is good when I create good swings.
  • But I am also a realist.  As I keep aging, unless I do something, my swing speed will decrease and my driving distance will decrease.  I am not ready for that to happen yet!
  • I think I would rather aspire to INCREASING my swing speed  – to in the range of 95 mph – and so as Richie suggests increase my potential to score lower.

Some of my club fitting and putting improvement friends – my age – have used the SuperSpeed Golf System to increase their swing speeds by at least 10 mph.  Oh, and this is the system “Phil” used to recently increase his swing speed by 6 mph. So it’s TIME – I cannot wait for my system to arrive!!

Yes there is way more to scoring low than longer drives (like mental game, course management, great iron play, and a great short game including putting). But a well-fit driver that is easy to hit with minimal shot dispersion – and a commitment to a daily habit of working to increase my driver swing speed – it’s going to be a fun ride!  I will keep you all in the loop about my progress.






Your “Adjustable” Golf Game!

Your “Adjustable” Golf Game…

Make Informed Choices!!

Your "Adjustable" Golf Game

Visiting the Lynx Golf booth at the 2019 PGA Equipment Show was one of the best show choices I made this year.  I learned about their very interesting new driver design – the Lynx Prowler VT.  They call their new technology “Switch Face.”  Their driver has only one head option, and has a front face plate that screws on. Using different face plates, golfers will be able to be custom fit with this driver for lofts that vary from 8 to 12 degrees, and face angles that vary from 2 degrees closed to square to 1 degree open.  The expectation is that the Lynx Prowler VT will be available sometime in May of this year. 

I hope that this design is successful!  Partly because it is interesting.  MOSTLY though – because with this driver design, you will able to sit the driver on the ground at address and the face will show at the actual loft and face angle you were fit for.

The majority of OEM driver designs now available to golfers have “adjustable” hosels.  This adjustability allows golfers to set the driver loft at different values – IF you hover the driver face in a square-to-target playing position. So the value of using face angle at address as a fitting parameter – with a specific driver loft – is lost.

I personally want my driver to sit on the ground at address at my fitted loft and face angle.  And my Wishon 919 THI driver (my favorite driver head fitting option) does this – 11.5 degree loft and 0.5 degree closed face angle at address.

So the point?  Well, you may in fact like the loft adjustability options available in OEM drivers – and if so great.  But if you do NOT prefer to hover your driver head at address to get it to play at a specific loft, or if you need a closed or open face at address with a specific loft to play your best – there are custom driver head options available to you.  In the end as in all things golf – You Get To Choose!!  






Attending The 2019 PGA Equipment Show!

Attending The 2019 PGA Equipment Show:

Every Day – Every Year – A Little Smarter!

2019 PGA Equipment Show

A number of years ago one of my mentors, Dana Upshaw (brilliant true custom club fitter – retired – and still sharing his knowledge!) shared something I always remember.  He was VERY proud that he attended the PGA Equipment Show every year.  For him, this was part of his yearly training to improve as a Golf Club Performance Expert.  His commitment to training always resonated with me.

I have been attending the PGA Show every year since 2010.  It never gets old to get to attend, and there is always a tremendous “buzz” at the event.  But my motivations have been more about the learning and the connections than about the buzz.

  • I already have a list of about 75 booths and people I plan to visit – some (like Mizuno, Miura, Diamond Golf, Aerotech, Aldila, KBS, SAM PuttLab, and others) are to catch up with new developments and people.  Some (New Level Golf, Eagle Rebirth Golf, Tour Edge Golf) are to learn about new possibilities that can help me be a better Golf Club Performance Expert.
  • I expect I will discover a few other exhibitors of golf improvement technology that I will learn about, and that will get me excited.
  • Finally, I will try to sort out some of the “buzz” and some of the “fluff” from companies talking about new equipment technology developments.  

I can’t wait to attend the Show again – and to learn new things – and to meet and connect with great golf industry experts – and to get just a little smarter to help Golfers Play Their Best!!