DECADE Foundations Learning Opportunity!

DECADE FOUNDATIONS Learning Opportunity!

Thanks Scott Fawcett – This Week ONLY!

DECADE FOUNDATIONS Learning Opportunity

Here are two interesting and connected U.S. Open Facts.  First – Bryson Dechambeau had the highest final round Strokes Gained by a winner – 7.9 strokes gained – since Johnny Miller won at Oakmont in 1970.  Second – Will Zalatoris, current Korn Ferry Tour leader, played in his second U.S. Open at Winged Foot, and finished 6th.

The Connection? – both use Scott Fawcett’s DECADE Course Management System.  Hum…

At the start of the Pandemic, Scott created a new version of DECADE that he calls DECADE FOUNDATIONS.  The video in THIS LINK (from Practical Golf) describes the terrific content that Scott has developed for Foundations.  I subscribed in April, and it was well worth the investment.

Well – for U.S. Open week, and for the rest of this week – Scott is giving golfers a one-month free subscription to Foundations.  All of the video content will be available to you.  CLICK HERE to access this wonderful offer.  If you take the time to watch the Foundations videos, your course management process and game WILL IMPROVE!

(And I bet all of you readers thought my post today would be about Bryson playing single-length irons, and how they can improve your game, and how I offer professionally fit single-length irons as an option for golfers – oh, I just did that!!).






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REFRESHED! – Well, Closer…

Refreshed! Or Refreshed?

Lessons From My August “Experiment”



Well Happy U. S. Labor Day and it is good to be back!  My August experiment of no social media was what I needed.  Some of the things that happened include: a) more golf last month than I have played in a long time, c) creating fitting systems for the new Wishon EQ-1 NX single-length designs, b) putting the KRANK Hi-Cor X Driver in play for me (LOVE It!), c) starting the Bruce Rearick on line putter fitting certification training (about time!), d) reading more, e) losing 10  pounds effortlessly (just no snacking!), f) and just enjoying taking a break.

But the past week has been difficult – just not sure how to get back into writing and doing podcasts.  And today I realized why – burnout.  Pushing too hard to HAVE to create something every week.  Just that realization has been helpful to me.  I needed the August break to help me to understand that.

And today has been funny in a way – all of a sudden I have had a flood of new ideas for podcasts and blog posts.

So YES my blogs and podcasts are back – I just love too much finding and sharing great information to help golfers. But in the future if there is not a new post every week – well, realize that something hopefully great and valuable to golfers is still on the way.

Like Next Week – what I know will be an amazing interview with Steven Yellin, talking about his new book Simplicity.  In my view THE Golf Improvement Book of 2020.

And one little professional fitting fact – Mr. Almost 200 mph Ball Speed Tony Finau’s driver length – 44-3/4 inches – guess he was professionally fit!!




Now More Than Ever – STAY SAFE!!



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The Quadruple Blog Post!

Yep – The Quadruple Blog Post!

(something just a little different…)

The Quadruple Blog Post

How about we change it up just a little bit this week – four small tidbit blog notes…

WHOOP Fitness Tracker.  I have been wondering about WHOOP for a month or so now, and a week ago took the plunge.  It is a wearable sensor that links to your smart phone – and is designed to help you balance your strain, recovery, and sleep.  The PGA Tour Golfers are wearing WHOOP (LPGA too!), and just a few days all of the members of the University of Tennessee Athletic Teams are now using it.  In one week, using the data from WHOOP has helped me to start improving and balancing the stress and recovery in my life.  Listen to this Golf Science Lab Podcast about WHOOP for a good overview.  I am all in!


The LA Golf TRONOS Shaft And KRANK.  This week I will be doing a custom fitting with a pretty strong golfer – 115 to 120 mph driver swing speed.  One of the shafts I will test with this guy is the LA Golf TRONOS Shaft75 X.  This is the “Bryson Shaft.”  My friend Russ Ryden – GolfShaftReviews – just published the EI profile for this shaft on line (THANK YOU!).  As you might expect IT IS DIFFERENT!  This does not mean it is a magic shaft, but it will be interesting this week to test with this shaft and others from Aldila, KBS, and Aerotech – and the new design KRANK Formula 11 driver head.


Great Mizuno Iron Testimonial!  A golfer waited from March through early June to do a Mizuno iron fitting with me.  Mizuno MP 20 MMC heads, KBS C Taper Lite R shafts, and I rebuilt them to be MOI-matched throughout the set.  Here is his reply after he played his first round with them…

“Hey Tony thanks for checking in. I absolutely love the feel of the new irons. The shots I hit well yesterday I hit really well. Definitely a much better feel than my old clubs. After getting used to swinging them on the front nine I shot the best 9 hole score on the back that I have in a long time. Couldn’t be happier with them and look forward to continuing to see better results on the course. Thanks again for all your help in this process.”

Testimonials like this one always make my day!!


See You In September!  I have decided that – during my August birthday month (71, as always all presents accepted!) – no blogs, podcasts, and newsletters.  I will continue to do custom fittings and putting improvement sessions next month.  Rather than talk in more details here, I will share more in my podcast next Monday.  




Tony – STAY SAFE!!


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Teach Us ClubDoc!

Teach Us ClubDoc!

Some More Richard Kempton Wisdom


Was it really 2 years ago that I did one of my favorite podcast interviews with Richard Kempton – the ClubDoc – from Simply Golf in the UK?  I have been fortunate to correspond with him and learn from him from time to time – he is one of the world pioneers of true custom club fitting and MOI golf club matching.

 I was “cruising Twitter” this weekend, and found that Richard has in the past spent some time on Twitter!  His Twitter handle is @clubwiz.  A fitting (pun?!) name!  He created some “sound bite” posts related to custom fitting and golf club performance.  Here are a few of these that you might enjoy and learn from!


  • ClubFact – For the average golfer, applying a few strips of lead tape ANYWHERE on a clubhead will NOT noticeably change the ball flight.”
  • ClubFact – A surprising number of women golfers need men’s size grips.
  • GolfingTip – Wearing bifocals or varifocals affects posture & setup and could be costing you up to 25 yards with your driver.” ABSOLUTELY TRUE
  • GolfingMyth – I play the same equipment as the Tour guys (only if you have yours made the same way – custom fitted to fit YOU & YOUR swing)
  • GolfingMyth – The more expensive the shaft, the better it will perform (the better the shaft FITS YOUR SWING, the better it will perform).
  • GolfingTip – Unless you want to handicap your young offspring from the start, DON’T give them a cut-down set of your old clubs.
  • GolfingTip – Don’t confuse brand names with FIT. An unknown brand that fits you well will out-perform a well-known one that doesn’t.
  • GolfingTip – For a lot of golfers a #4 or #5-wood will provide better results – and more distance – from the fairway than a #3-wood.”


There are more in Richard’s twitter area.  If you like Twitter, check it out! – @clubwiz.  Thank You Richard for your devotion to helping golfers achieve exceptional results!






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250 to 280!

250 To 280!

A Delightful Driver Fitting Story

250 to 280!

Pleasant surprises are wonderful – especially when they bring big smiles to golfers. THIS one though – I know will always be one of my favorite success stories.

A golfer came to me for a custom driver fitting about 2 weeks ago – he had played college golf and was in his early 50s.  He said he was looking for a bit more distance.  His driver swing speed was about 96 mph – so a combination of about 250 yards carry with at least 20 yards rollout is about expected optimum.

I noticed that most of his shots were pushes to the right.  To me, this suggests that a lighter shaft and lighter club to promote the face closing a bit more at impact could help him get straighter shots – without changing his swing.

We tested with my “trusty” Wishon 919 THI driver head, and with 10.5 degree loft. We started at a driver length of 44 inches (more than an inch shorter than he had been playing) – and found what looked like a good shaft option with the Aldila Rogue Elite Blue X flex shaft.  His carry distances with this combination were about 240 yards – but when I increased the club length to 44-1/4 inches his carry distances immediately jumped to 250 yards, with about 270 total yard distance.  Looked good.

The full club MOI of this test driver was lower than I typically find as a best fit for golfers – but I trusted that it was best for him.

SO!!  A week later I deliver the driver to him and he wanted to hit some range balls with it to see how it performed.  When I handed it to him he said “it feels a little light.”  I found a range flag about 280 yards from where he was hitting – and he started hitting straight drives at least 280 yards in the air!  WITH RANGE BALLS. Big smiles from both of us!  In fact, after the first 3 drives he hit he said “you do not have to wait around any more, this is good!”  But I had to wait to watch more.

So WHY did this happen?  I suspect part of the reason is that the fit of this driver for him was absolutely perfect – to allow him to effortlessly swing the club.  And maybe swing it at faster than he did in the indoor fitting.  And maybe his launch conditions outdoors were maybe a little better than indoors.  

But what REALLY matters is that this custom fit driver performs EXCEPTIONALLY well for him.  And by the way – the Wishon 919 THI driver head design is 5 years old….






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I LOVE Coaches Eye!

I LOVE Coaches Eye Video Software!

A Simple Effective Video Analysis Tool

Coaches Eye

The first time I mentioned the Coaches Eye Software in my blog was in September 2013.  Hard to believe I have been using this simple tool for almost 7 years now. But it has been invaluable to allow me to help golfers achieve their golfing dreams.  I use it now with almost every golfer I work with.

Here are some reasons you should consider it for your personal golf improvement toolbox…

  • There is a free version available for iPhone and Android devices.  The free version has PLENTY of capability. 
  • When you take video with Coaches Eye, you can look at the video in slow motion – and easily see individual frames and details.  
  • You can export video to emails to share with others.
  • You can get others to take normal smart phone video and send it to you –  and import that video to Coaches Eye.  Then you can “slow down the motion” to see details.
  • You can blow up the video and see finer details of what is happening in golf swings and putting strokes.

I highly recommend using Coaches Eye Software if you want to learn more about what you REALLY do in your golf swing and putting stroke. AND to get the maximum from video you take, use the guidelines in This Video Link to create video correctly.

SEE The Truth!






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3 PM Local Time – Taps Across America

3 PM Local Time – Taps Across America

Listen For It…

3 PM Local Time - Taps Across America

Nope, nothing golf about my post today – just something that tugged at me this past Friday and I wanted to share with all of you.

Last Friday Steve Hartman in the CBS national news program talked about something that might happen in your area today he is calling…


So wherever you are in the United States today at 3 pm your time – listen for it.  I plan to.

And if you don’t hear it in your area, well maybe play click this link and listen wherever you are…


Enjoy this Memorial Day – Remember and Honor – Stay Safe.      Tony

Bob Litwin Quotes!

Bob Litwin Quotes:

Some Daily Inspiration!

Bob Litwin Quotes

I hope some of you will be saying “What, No Podcast?”  Well, here is a little goodie that you might use as a worthy substitute.

I did Podcast Interview 103 with Bob Litwin, world champion tennis player and author of a wonderful book Live The Best Story Of Your Life. It is an interview you may enjoy going back and listening to.

But Bob has also been doing a daily inspiring email he calls Bob’s Quotes.  Little pieces of inspiration worth reading.  You can subscribe to receive these by subscribing on his web site at We all need a little more inspiration – THANK YOU BOB!!

Me? – I am just keeping on keeping on.  New putter and golf bag coming today, a new podcast interview with David Orr that will be live next Monday – AND hopefully a round of golf this week!  Keeping On Keeping On….






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COVID-19 Custom Fitting

COVID-19 Custom Fitting:

Creating A Win-Win Safe Environment!

Covid-19 Custom Fitting

It’s been exciting to start getting golfers to contact me for future custom fittings and putting sessions.  Right now though, I have had to tell them that we will have to wait until at least June 1 to get together – in their best interests and in mine.  I am taking a very careful look at the precautions to put in place to create a safe environment – for golfers and for me.

Some of the “safety first” elements that I know need to be in place for golfers are…

  • First And Foremost – SAFETY for the golfer and for me are THE FIRST PRIORITY.
  • Before any session, send the golfer a note of written guidelines for how the session will be safely conducted.
  • Ask the golfer to, before arriving, clean the clubs he/she brings to every fitting session.
  • Measure the golfer’s temperature before he enters my fitting center, and have the golfer thoroughly wash his hands as the first step to coming in.
  • Set up cleaning stations in the fitting center so that I can clean the golfer’s clubs before testing, and also clean all of my test clubs before and after a golfer hits them.
  • Maintain social distancing at all times during a fitting or putting session.  And I will wear a mask and gloves at all times.
  • Do “One Ball Fittings” – thanks Frank Viola! – and having golfers bring in only the clubs they will need to use during a fitting.
  • Be sure that surfaces in the fitting center – like the portion of the net that the golfer will hit into, and the hitting mat – are clean.
  • And there will be more – I am thinking through all it will take to get back to business very carefully.

Thanks to many of my custom fitting friends who have been providing input on everything needed to get back in business safely.

And to all of you reading this – if you are considering being fit for clubs or working with someone to improve your putting – make sure you know you will be in a safe environment.

That’s it for today -enjoy this Thoughtful Video – Protect YOUR Circle, Stay Safe.



(AND A Safe Fitting Environment)




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Distance Irons – Lower Scores – NO!!

Distance Irons – Lower Scores – NO!!

A Preview…

Distance Irons - Lower Scores - NO!!

Below is a quote from a MyGolfSpy tweet that was posted this weekend.  Pretty important result I believe for golfers who care more about Lower Scores compared to just how far they hit their 7 irons…

“Two Large Scale Iron Tests:

Longest Irons = Worst “Strokes Gained” Scores.

Winning Launch Monitor Battles Equals Sales.

Problem Is The Data Shows It Doesn’t Seem 

To Help Golfers Lower Their Scores.”

No real surprise to me – and I expect for you readers.  When the full results of this study are available, I will share them. Thanks MyGolfSpy!

Stay Safe.






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