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The Visio Putting Aimboard

Sends A Great Putting Message!

Putting MessagePutting MessageOn the Harold Swash Putting website, there is a link to a terrific group of Visio Putting Aids that have been developed by Philip Kenyon (putting coach of Rory McElroy, Henrik Stenson, Justin Rose, and other tour pros).  I have purchased a number of these aids – and most recently bought the Visio Aimboard – shown in the pictures above.  This Aimboard allows you to practice hitting putts from 5, 10, and 15 feet distances and will show you where your misses are relative to where your putter face points at impact (for now, let's confine ourselves to straight putts).

This Aimboard – in addition to being a great Training Aid – I think sends a simple and powerful message on how important it is to be able to control your aim at address and at impact in your putting.  From the first image above, you can I think easily note the following…

  • On a 5 foot putt, if your putter face is more than 2 degrees off of target at impact you will miss the putt,
  • On a 10 foot putt, the putter face has to be within 1 degree of the target at impact to make a straight putt, and
  • For a 15 foot putt, at impact your face has to be within 0.75 degrees of target at impact to make a straight putt.

The Putting Messages from this information are simple and powerful:

  • Aim at Address and Aim at Impact get increasingly more important as putt length increases.

  • It should be no surprise then that the longer the putt, the more precise your control of your putter face needs to be at impact, and that the make percentage on putts decreases for longer putts.

  • Finally then – be a little more relaxed and easy on yourself on longer putts if you are not putting for a living – unless of course you are willing to put in the time to be great at Aim at Address and Aim at Impact.  And if you do put in that time – relax in knowing you have locked in this putting skill!

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