Loving Boredom!

Loving Boredom Is A Great Skill

In Golf AND In Life!

Loving Boredom

One of my favorite parts of the amazing book Atomic Habits, by James Clear, is his discussion of the importance of loving boredom when you want to create new habits and improve skills.  Here is a little writeup James created about the value of learning to love boredom…

Fall In Love With Boredom – Unlock Your Mental Toughness

I think there has been no time in my life, and maybe your lives, when it is more important to be able the discipline of boredom.  The link below might also help, it is a short video from Scott Kelly, who spent a year in space.  He talks about tips for combating loneliness…

Scott Kelly –  Tips For Getting Through Self-Isolation

Me? – no fittings and putting coaching through at least the end of April, and no golf through the end of May.  I have a bunch of fitting test shaft improvements I have wanted to make for awhile  Writing blogs / newsletters and doing a few podcasts, and daily walks and some binge TV watching should keep me well occupied.

I pray for all of your safety and health – pray for mine too!






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