Oakmont Day One!

One Gorgeous Golf Course!

Oakmont Day OneIt was great to spend the day at Oakmont today – day one of this year's U.S. Open.  The greens are FAST – watching golfers hit putts on the practice green clearly lets you see what a challenge Oakmont will be this year – as it always is.

I spent much of the day watching the player's practice on the practice greens and at the chipping and pitching range.  And the Biggest Impression I had is that you could see a difference in how many of the tour pros practiced on the greens.  Some hit a lot of putts, but did not truly focus on their routines and did not seem to be strongly engaged.  Some though had Great Intent in their practice – they wanted to, as best as possible, dial in their strokes to get the right feel for the super-fast speeds of the Oakmont greens.  I especially loved watching Jim Furyk practice – very few uphill putts, lots of big downhill and big breaking putts.  I bet he has a very good week on these greens.

I think fewer putts with more intent is a winning formula for success on the greens – can't wait for the rest of the week!

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