OPTIMUM Driver Length – THANKS Golf Magazine!

Your Personal Optimum Driver Length:

Thank You Golf Magazine!

OPTIMUM Driver Length

The Golf Magazine article below is one of the best I have seen about driver lengths on the PGA Tour…

Golf Magazine – Average Driver Length on the PGA Tour

The content of the article pretty much stands for itself, and I hope you enjoy reading it.  Just a few additional comments…

  • The quoted average Tour driver length – 44-3/4 inches – is close to the 44-1/2 inch average I have seen quoted in the past.
  • The advice to add weight – by adding head weight or a heavier shaft – if you shorten your driver is sound.
  • I COMMEND Cobra Golf for creating a “Tour Length” 44-1/2 inch option driver – of course, maybe this can be a “mortal golfer” length too?
  • One inaccuracy – if you have a true driver custom fitting, you are not likely to lose distance with an optimized length shorter driver.  You are likely to hit the ball farther and straighter.
  • One final thought – I just wonder – if Tour average is 44-3/4 inches – what is the average driver length played by non-Tour golfers who have not had a true custom fitting?

Again – THANK YOU Golf Magazine!






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