Putting Capture Speed Revisited!

A New Look At Putting Capture Speed:

Speed AND Line!

Putting Capture Speed

Should you hit your putts a little harder to “take out the break?”  Well, in 2014 I wrote a Putting Improvement eBook, and the image above is from that eBook.  But there was a SMALL but important thing I did NOT discuss enough in the eBook – and I realized it this weekend.

First though, there are two links noted in the image above, and here they are again and they are still relevant…

AimPoint Green Reading –  Capture Speed by Steve Guiliano

How Wide Is The Hole Really?

So what did I miss talking about in the eBook?  Well yes Capture Speed is Important.  But – Face At Impact is ALSO Important.

A quick example.  With die-in-the-hole capture speed, on a 5 foot straight putt your face at impact can be 2 degrees open or closed and you can still make the putt. But if you hit the same putt with a speed that will take it 3 feet past the hole, your putter face at impact has to be less than 0.7 degrees open or closed or you will miss the putt.

The farther you hit a putt past the hole, the more control you have to have on face at impact to make a putt.

So – hit a putt harder to “take the break out?” – in my view, not a great putting strategy unless you are amazing with controlling your putter face at impact.

Now to be clear.  I am not suggesting everyone should be a die-in-the-hole speed putter – capture speeds of 1 to 1-1/2 feet past the hole are very good goals.

I know a great way to practice and improve putting speed control for 5, 10, and 15 foot putts – compliments of my putting guru friend Juan Gutierrez and his book MAKE MORE PUTTS – contact me and I will provide more details!






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