Some Thoughts On “Tee It Forward!”

Deciding When And How To "Tee It Forward!"

Tee It Forward

Last Saturday Des Mahoney – my partner at the Centennial Golf Academy – mentioned to me a formula he likes for making a decision on golf course lengths a golfer should play. Here is this simple formula (no exact reference, but he said he has seen it a number of times on the web):

Your Golf Course Length = 36 times your typical 5 iron shot distance

Presently, I play from 6,400 yard tees.  How does this formula "stand up" for at least my personal game?  Well, pretty well I think.  I hit a 5 iron about 180 yards – so with this formula this says I should be playing a course of about 6,300 yards.  So 6,400 yards is maybe a little stretch for me – and in fact it is.

The USGA and the PGA for their "Tee It Forward" initiative have created a chart – Here Is The Link – that gives their recommendations on the course lengths that golfers should play – based on how far they hit their drives.  How does this chart stack up for me? – again pretty well.  My good drives – not outstanding, good – are about 240 yards total – so the USGA would say I should play 6,200 to 6,400 yard tees.

There is another neat concept that I have seen in the past – Combo Tees.  For my game, a course of about 6,200 to 6,300 yards would seem to be a great fit.  Challenging, but not too easy.  Some courses in the country I know are using this concept, and it really seems like a sensible way to help golfers play a course that will let them have the most fun.

Takeaway – the "Tee It Forward" concept is one of the really great ideas that the USGA and PGA have embraced, and you should too.  Using the two correlations I have quoted here – find a set of tees that make the game fun for you, but also challenge you!

Any Other Suggested Ways To Determine How To Determine Your "Play It Forward" Tees – Please Comment Below!

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