Square Impact Is King!

Square Impact = Best Performance and Feel = Lower Scores!

Square Impact

There are a number of "classic" custom club fitting books that I REALLY should take the time to look at again from time to time.  One of these was published in 2011 by Ralph Maltby – a pioneer in custom fitting, and owner of the Golfworks – provider of golf club shafts, grips, assembly materials and fitting tools, and club heads.  And author of The Complete Book of Golf Club Fitting and Performance.

So I did a little paging through this book recently.  And BANG right at the start was a great thought!

"If we could be so basic as to pick one goal to accomplish in clubfitting … 

It would be Squareness Of Hit."  

He made the point that it is easy to get hung up in searching for more distance when doing a custom fitting.  But that if you look for Squareness Of Hit first, a lot of things fall into place:

  • With square hits, the most energy gets imparted to the golf ball – (highest smash factors) – so most ball speed and most distance.
  • The squarer the hit, the less curve on the golf ball – smaller shot dispersion?
  • With square hits, a golfer gets more solid feel at impact.

Square Impact – better distance, reduced shot dispersion, better feel – better overall results!!  I just Love Relearning From The Classics.

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