Supercharge Your Golf Habits In 2019!

Learn From “Atomic Habits”

To Supercharge Your Golf Habits In 2019!

Golf Habits

“Put Your Shoes On.” Yes dear! My wife and I know we need to walk each day and get more exercise – and surely this will help my fitness and golf.  I now think a key to doing this is to create a daily ritual – to Put My Shoes On each morning.  Once we do that, out the door and walk and enjoy getting more fit.

I am about half way through reading what I know will be one of the most valuable Improvement Books Of 2019 – “Atomic Habits” by James Clear.  This book was published late in 2018, and if you are looking to create some new improvement areas in your golf and your life – you need to read it.  

“Atomic” definition – “an extremely small amount of a thing, and a source of immense energy and power.”  “Habit” definition – “a routine or practice performed regularly.”  Developing a ritual as a cue to create a new daily walking habit came from this book.  Here are a few small snippets to wet your appetite to read it…

  • The book is organized around what James calls 4 Laws for creating new habits and changes – “Make It Obvious, Make It Attractive, Make It Easy, Make It Satisfying.”  All of these make sense, but he dives deep into why these laws will help to create change.
  • One of the book subsections is titled “Forget About Goals, Focus On Systems Instead.”  This concept resonates with me.  Yes I want to help to delight more golfers in 2019, and to play better golf and perhaps to shoot my age this year (69 or 70 if you wonder).  But I believe that if I concentrate on doing small things to improve my business, my golf, and my life each day – I will have the best opportunity of having these results happen.
  • Finally, the first section of the book is titled “Why Tiny Changes Make A Big Difference.”  Do small things correctly each day – be patient – great results will happen!

One of my cues each day is a note I have in my daily calendar – “Do Something Great Today!”  Great doesn’t have to be big – it can be anything to keep improving and growing.

James has also created a new resource called the Clear Habit Journal.  Yep, I have ordered it and will have it this week.  I am looking forward to using it in my golf and life.

Do Something Great Today!






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