Teach Us ClubDoc!

Teach Us ClubDoc!

Some More Richard Kempton Wisdom


Was it really 2 years ago that I did one of my favorite podcast interviews with Richard Kempton – the ClubDoc – from Simply Golf in the UK?  I have been fortunate to correspond with him and learn from him from time to time – he is one of the world pioneers of true custom club fitting and MOI golf club matching.

 I was “cruising Twitter” this weekend, and found that Richard has in the past spent some time on Twitter!  His Twitter handle is @clubwiz.  A fitting (pun?!) name!  He created some “sound bite” posts related to custom fitting and golf club performance.  Here are a few of these that you might enjoy and learn from!


  • ClubFact – For the average golfer, applying a few strips of lead tape ANYWHERE on a clubhead will NOT noticeably change the ball flight.”
  • ClubFact – A surprising number of women golfers need men’s size grips.
  • GolfingTip – Wearing bifocals or varifocals affects posture & setup and could be costing you up to 25 yards with your driver.” ABSOLUTELY TRUE
  • GolfingMyth – I play the same equipment as the Tour guys (only if you have yours made the same way – custom fitted to fit YOU & YOUR swing)
  • GolfingMyth – The more expensive the shaft, the better it will perform (the better the shaft FITS YOUR SWING, the better it will perform).
  • GolfingTip – Unless you want to handicap your young offspring from the start, DON’T give them a cut-down set of your old clubs.
  • GolfingTip – Don’t confuse brand names with FIT. An unknown brand that fits you well will out-perform a well-known one that doesn’t.
  • GolfingTip – For a lot of golfers a #4 or #5-wood will provide better results – and more distance – from the fairway than a #3-wood.”


There are more in Richard’s twitter area.  If you like Twitter, check it out! – @clubwiz.  Thank You Richard for your devotion to helping golfers achieve exceptional results!






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