Thanks Bob Simms!

Thanks Bob Simms!

Our Annual Dunkin Doughnuts Get-Together

Thanks Bob Simms

Well Bob, bet you did not think you would be the topic of my blog this week.  But I had to delay recording my next podcast with Keith Chatham – PrecisionFit Golf in Kerrville, Texas for a week, because of some medical goodies – so that interview will be live next Monday.

But back to Bob Simms – coach of the St. John Fisher College Golf Team in Rochester, New York – and a great friend.  Every year he and I get to do Coffee And Learning when I travel to the Rochester area for Thanksgiving.  I always look forward to our yearly visit.  Here are a few of the things that came out of our get together this year….

  • Bob is a USGA rules official – and he shared this link on the Major 2019 UGGA Rules Updates.  Enjoy this great summary.
  • He asked me a GREAT question – “what about all of the technology we have available, is it helping us to improve or not?”  I believe yes but it matters who uses it and how they use it.  And this is a big reason I am doing my next podcast interview with Keith, to talk about some of the most important ways that Launch Monitor technology can be used in true custom club fitting.
  • Finally the major theme of this year’s coffee – and in fact, most of the ones we have had – is SUCCESS.  What’s it take to be successful – in golf, coaching, custom fitting and putting instruction, anything.  Bottom line – there are no “gimmies” to creating success – if it matters, you have to do the work, and often over a long period of time and often with a lot of sacrifice of other things in your life.

Thanks Bob – you make a huge difference in my life!






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