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Have you ever seen an ad for the latest and greatest golf irons that has said "Guaranteed To Give You Greater Shot Consistency and Lower Scores."  Well the truth is – Of Course Not!  The reality of the golf equipment world is that Distance Sells.  No one has ever done a fitting with me and has said "I want less distance and irons that all feel the same when I swing them." 

Every year the major golf club companies spend a lot of R&D money to improve the Distance Performance of golf clubs – and yes that is a good thing for golfers.  And when I do custom iron fittings and golfers achieve more distance they always love it.

But WHY THEN when I get emails and comments from golfers it is ALWAYS about something different….

  • "I have never played with a set of irons where each club feels the same,"
  • "What did you DO to these clubs to make them feel this way?,"
  • A golfer now shoots in the low 70s consistently with his clubs,
  • A golfing friend said to me last weekend "my reshafted irons feel great."

NOTHING about distance (though they all do get good distance with their new clubs).  All about how the clubs all feel the same – Consistency – when they swing them.

In all of the cases noted above, the clubs where Moment of Inertia (MOI) Matched instead of Swingweight Matched.  MOI Matching is the key to a set of clubs that will play the same for a golfer.  And you simply cannot buy MOI Matched golf clubs in a golf store – because the right MOI for every golfer is different.

Why not get More Distance AND More Consistency from your clubs – here are some simple guidelines for making this happen:

  • First yes, get all of the distance you can get.  But be sure you are not getting more distance because clubs lofts are juiced up (example, a 6 iron that has a 26 degree loft, about the loft of a 5 iron a few years ago);
  • Be sure all of the lofts and lies of your clubs are correct for your game – and if not have them adjusted;
  • If you are still not convinced about the benefits of MOI Matching, at least be sure that the Swingweights and Lengths of your clubs are consistent throughout the set; and
  • If you want to play with clubs that will give you the best chance of shooting lower scores, find a Custom Fitter who can fit you and build you a set of MOI Matched irons.  You will NEVER regret this!

Are you playing with MOI Matched Clubs – COMMENT BELOW about your experience with them!

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