Two Golfing Surprises!

Coming Soon – Two New Great Golfing Resources!

3 Surprises

Two new resources are coming for you soon that hopefully you will really enjoy.  Here is a little "sort of" sneak peek of both – but not enough info. to give things away (I am notorious for not being able to keep secrets!):

  • We had the worst winter weather here in Tennessee in years this past week.  No golf, ug.  But this lead me to work on something this past Saturday that I have been wanting to do for a few months.  After 4 hours of work on the computer, I came up against a software issue that I am getting help with.  BUT – if this gets worked out soon – I will send out another post this week.
  • The second item is actually going to be a dynamite resource for your golfing improvement.  It is not something I have personally done, but it is being created by a new friend (you know who you are!).  You will hear more about this in a few weeks.  


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