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Learn More At My Mizuno Fitting Day, June 27!

Mizuno Logo 022314About four years ago, I spent two days with Dana Upshaw at Dana Golf in Warner Robbins, GA. – doing my best to soak up his club fitting knowledge.  I quickly noticed how he obtained great results with Mizuno irons and the Mizuno iron fitting system.  I decided then that Mizuno would be the one OEM iron fitting cart that I wanted to have available for golfers.  

In 2014 I realized that goal, and started using the Mizuno iron fitting system in my iron fittings.  I have had some very good success with Mizuno irons, for the following reasons….

  • I quickly learned that the Mizuno DNA Shaft Optimizer system works better than I could have expected.  In almost every successful Mizuno fitting, the final shaft choice has come from applying this Shaft Optimizer tool.
  • As I expected the quality of the Mizuno irons is excellent and fittings often result in high shot smash factors, increased distance, and good shot consistency.
  • I spent a day at the Mizuno R&D Center near Atlanta, GA this past April – this helped me learn how to better use all of the options in the Mizuno fitting cart in my custom fittings.
  • The majority of golfers who I have fit into Mizunos have realized that I can improve the performance of their clubs by doing a final club rebuild – to MOI Match their irons, and also FLO their iron shafts.  This makes a great Mizuno product perform even better.  

My consistent feedback from Mizuno customers – where I have also MOI Matched the irons and FLOed the shafts – is that they not only get improved distance, but the feel and consistency of their shots are better than expected.

I hope to show you more at the Mizuno Fitting Day at the Centennial Golf Course in Oak Ridge, TN on Saturday June 27 – from 10 am to 2 pm!

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