I Love “Chopsticks!”

The “Chopsticks” Putting Drill

Simple And Effective Putting Improvement!


Today’s post was going to be related to custom fitting. But THEN I saw a Golf.com article with David OrrFlatstick Academy – demonstrating the Chopsticks Putting Drill.  You need to see this one today! – and so here is the link…

Chopsticks Putting Drill

David showed this drill to me and others at a Flatstick training a few years ago.  It is simple, inexpensive – two alignment sticks and two rubber bands – and the most effective drill I use with golfers for many putting issues.

Many golfers “suffer” from a concept and myth called The Accelerating Putting Stroke.  Short backstroke, long follow through.  Maximum putter speed past impact.  It is a major reason a lot of golfers cannot create great Speed Control in their putting.  When I have them get the feel of a more CONNECTED putting stroke using the Chopsticks Drill, everyone immediately gets it – and they are on the road to an improved stroke and better speed control.  In addition, sometimes issues like pushed and pulled putts immediately improve when golfers create a more connected stroke.

So as David said in the article – super smooth! – give Chopsticks A Try!






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