Priority One – Aim Your Putter At Address!

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Aim Your Putter At Address!

Priority One Aim Your Putter!

Today was a busy but delightful day of starting to help a golfer achieve his potential.  He drove from Nashville for an iron fitting, SAM PuttLab evaluation, and perhaps (?) a fitting for a new putter.

The iron fitting went extremely well.  We found a combination that – with his 93 mph swing speed – allowed him to hit 6 iron shots that carried 210 yards, with a terrific smash factor of over 1.4, and with minimal shot dispersion.  I wish I could hit 210 yard 6 irons!

But then we went to the SAM PuttLab evaluation.  In completing my Putting Evaluation form, he noted he averaged 38 putts a round, and most of his misses for shorter putts were to the right.  The SAM evaluation right away showed the most important reason he is not putting well.  At address, on average he aimed his present putter about 3 degrees to the right.  As a result, he had to make major compensations in his stroke to get close to square at impact.

More interesting, though, was that after I showed him the data and checked his aim a few times with a laser – he still aimed significantly to the right of target at address.  I then fit him for a new Cure Putter – but would NOT have done so if he could not aim that putter well – his aim with the Cure putter was within 1 degree of square.

The Morale Of THIS Story – a putter fitting is not a putter fitting without Testing For Aim At Address.  It was a lot of fun to see him have immediate improvement and confidence in his putting stroke.

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